howdy, i'm rachel and i really like musicals

i ship mariusette and i live a marius pontmercy and cosette fauchelevent appreciation life

i stole a loaf of bread and lived to regret it



take me to a museum. kiss me on the steps. shove the Mona Lisa up my ass

that is illegal

tbh i’d be upset if rob houchen ever looked at my blog because i say i hate him and want to punch him in the face all the time


New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6

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pantskit said: 

once this huge fucking hornet got into the car when i was 7 and i screamed so loud i couldnt talk for 3 hours

i’ve never been stung by anything so i’m always terrified and that waSP WAS TRYING TO CORNER ME it was terrifying we drove away right as it was about to come in the window

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there’s a wasp trying to get into the car and its beating against the windows and one of them is down a little I swear if this wasp gets inside this car I will light everything on fire

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benefits of being friends with me

  • shitty jokes whenever you ask for them
  • shitty jokes whenever you don’t ask for them

I think I win the award for most uncomfortable rob houchen icon